Romantic Ruins

Jessica Chan | Stylist Kimberley Kessler | Art Director Lara Milenko | Photographer Paula Hibbard | Hair Stylist Susan Markovic | Make-Up Artist Chandra, Jaz Daly Management | Talent Kindred Floral | Florist “Romantic Ruins” as seen in Estetica.

Ruby Jean

Jessica Chan | Stylist and Producer Mike Chalmers | Photographer Michael Johnson | Hair and Make-Up Ruby Jean Wilson, Priscilla’s Management | Talent As seen in Vulkan magazine.

Field of Gold Modern Wedding

Jessica Chan | Stylist Kimberley Kessler | Art Director Ivonne Veith| Photographer Amy Chan | Hair and Make-Up Chloe Moo, Chic Management | Talent Lucy Blay, Chadwick Models | Talent “Fields of Gold” as seen in Modern Wedding


  Jessica Chan | Stylist Kimberley Kessler | Art Director Michael Roses| Photographer Paula Hibbard | Hair Stylist Julie Elton | Make-Up Artist Marie-Edith Dugoujon | Photography Assistant Chandra, Jaz Daly Management | Talent David Howarth, Ausbrand | Retouching “Chinta” as seen […]


Jessica Chan | Stylist Victor Low | Photographer Nisha Van Berkel | Hair and Make-Up Amalie Hansen, London Management Group | Talent As seen in iMute magazine.

Work It Down

Jessica Chan | Stylist and Producer Victor Low | Photographer Maddy Robinson | Hair Stylist Monique Spataro | Make-Up Artist Petra Hamalainen, London Management Group | Talent Brooke Durrant, London Management Group | Talent “Work It Down” as seen in […]

Athena Bridal

Jessica Chan | Styling Chau Thilien Huynh | Photographer Caitlyn from Bratz Models | Talent Athena Bridal Jewellery Campaign and eCommerce Content


Jessica Chan | Stylist Ben Gellie | Photographer Olga Tishkov | Hair and Make-Up Nele Debe, London Management | Talent